Oliver Headache & Pain Clinic is proud to announce their merger with Advanced Pain Care Clinic.

Our staff will be making the journey to our new east side location March 2011.  The merger with Dr. Mahendra Sanapati, a board certified anesthesiologist, will greatly benefit our current patients.  His newly remodeled complex houses a surgical center, a sleep lab, cosmetic spa and pain clinic.  Dr. Sanapati also has the ability to place neuro simulators, pain pumps and perform kyphoplasty procedures.  Advanced Pain Care Clinic also has physical therapy and the ability to perform nerve conduction tests.

You can continue to make your appointment with Dr. Oliver by calling 812-425-9824.  Our staff will notify you which location your appointment will be during our transition.  Mental health services will still be offered by Jim Schroeder, LCSW, LMFT at the new location.